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The easiest way to download TikTok MP3 music

Tik2mate provides the simplest and best solution for downloading audio from TikTok in MP3 format. We support you to convert TikTok videos to MP3 with the same sound quality as the original video completely free and unlimited. With Tik2mate, you can now comfortably listen to TikTok music offline anytime, anywhere. In addition, you can also use downloaded MP3 files to set as ringtones for your phone.

How to save TikTok sound as MP3?

Step 1


Open the TikTok video you want to download. Then click the "Share" button and then click "Copy link"

Step 2


Go to https://tik2mate.com and paste the TikTok video URL into the field.

Step 3


Select the MP3 format and click the "Download" button

Why choose Tik2mate Downloader?

Frequently asked questions

How to copy the TikTok video link?

Open the TikTok app from your phone or visit the tiktok.com website. Find the video you want to copy link and tap the "Share" button then tap "Copy link".

How to download TikTok MP3 from an Android phone or iPhone?

Step 1: Copy TikTok video link from TikTok app

Step 2: Access the website https://tik2mate.com from your browser

Step 3: Paste the link in the field and then tap the "Start" button

Step 4: Select the download format as MP3 and then tap the "Download" button

What format and with what quality does Tik2mate support downloading?

You can download MP4 format for video, and for audio, you can download MP3 format. We support downloading with the same quality as the original video.

Can I download private videos?

You can only download public TikTok videos.

Where are downloaded MP3 files saved?

Normally, the downloaded file is saved in the "Downloads" folder on your device. You can also find it under "Download History" in your browser. For Android devices, you can find it in the "My Files" or "File Manager" apps. For iOS devices, you can find it in an app called "Files".